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help us maintain the momentum!

Here’s how you can help us continue to raise concerns about the Cambria Green SAP with decision makers. Now is the time to respectfully influence Glamorgan Spring Bay Councillors and State MPs expressing your concerns about the potential impact of this mega-development should the draft SAP be approved.

WRITE TO glamorgan spring bay councillors and TASMANIAN MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT

You can have a huge impact by sending a message to Councillors and politicians.  The more letters and emails they receive, the more they must listen and respond to the community.

We’ve put together some information to assist:

  • Click here for the Glamorgan Spring Bay Councillor contact list
  • Click here for the MP contact list and here for a letter to MPs to use as a guide


Attach a signed letter to your email or include a digital signature (if possible). Signatures give more weight and distinguish your letter from a mass letter writing campaign. 

Hard copies:

  • For Councillors, post to Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, PO Box 6, Triabunna TAS 7190
  • For MPs, post to Parliament of Tasmania, Hobart TAS 7000

Always ask for a written response and follow up by phone if not received in 10 days.

Make sure you keep a copy of your letter and copy your letter to the ECA (

Never accept ‘no’ from your local member or Councillor. Whether you are a constituent raising a local electoral matter, a ratepayer or a concerned citizen, MPs and Councillors are expected to respond.