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Stop the SAP

The beautiful Tasmanian coastal community of Swansea and its irreplaceable natural environment is under threat from inappropriate and unsustainable development.

The East Coast Alliance is challenging the rezoning and changes to planning laws proposed in the Cambria Estate Draft Amendment, which includes the Specific Area Plan (SAP) and other planning scheme amendments. If approved, the SAP will override existing planning schemes and create over 3,100 hectares of quarantined development (that’s 31 square kilometres).

Is this the East Coast we want? Is this the Tasmania we want for future generations?


Cambria hearings begin

The Tasmanian Planning Commission has confirmed the first hearing on the Cambria Draft Amendment will take place on Friday 30 August 2019 in Hobart.

This hearing will only consider jurisdictional issues relating to the application for the proposed rezoning. Read here correspondence from the Commission regarding the hearing.

Should the Commission accept the landowner consents as legal, a deadline will be set for the East Coast Alliance planners and all other interested parties (including all those who have previously made a representation) to respond to all other matters relating to the Cambria Draft Amendment.

The East Coast Alliance will communicate the jurisdictional decision and future deadline dates as soon as we receive confirmation from the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

To succeed we need your generosity

We want to assure all our supporters - the fight to protect Tasmania's East Coast from a large scaled, inappropriate development is NOT over. We remain determined to continue opposing the proposed rezoning of more than 3,100 hectares of land to facilitate a mega tourist development.

To succeed, we must raise significant funds to support that fight and we ask you, our loyal supporters, to PLEASE GIVE to help our campaign. Visit our DONATION page for information about our campaign strategy and costs.

Our target

We need to raise a minimum of $35,000 to ensure the East Coast Alliance presents a powerful, informed and compelling case to the Tasmanian Planning Commission. Your contribution, small or large, will be critical to our success. Every gift will make a difference.

Thank you

The good news? We are on the downhill run to achieving our target! We want to extend a huge thank you to the many generous members of the community - far and wide - who have already donated to support our campaign, and taken the time to write to Councillors and politicians.

What else can you do?

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WRITE to politicians - visit How you can Help for guidance.

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Ange Boxall is an internationally renowned East Coast singer songwriter. Listen here to her East Coast Protest Song or link via our Facebook page.

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